About Us

Picture this: You’re taking in a nail-biter of a game at your alma mater. The clock is ticking. The crowd is energetic. The only thing on your mind is whether that last-second three-pointer is going to make it through the hoop…

…and, of course, whether your coat is staying on your seat where you put it and away from your neighbor’s spilled beer on the ground.

That’s exactly the scenario that led me to create Seat Suite. When my wife and I attended weekly basketball games at our alma mater (go Musketeers!), the enjoyment of the game was sometimes evenly balanced by the annoyance of trying to keep track of our stuff once there.

You know how it is: Should I hold my coat during the game? No, that’s annoying. Should I put it on the seat? It’s going to slide through the back. Lay it on the ground? Definitely not.

Seat Suite is the solution. It’s a compact bag that fits in your hand or pocket on the way into the game. Once you’re at your seat, simply open it up, toss your stuff inside, and secure it to the underside of your seat. No holding onto coats and purses; no trying to keep track of everything; and no time spent gathering everything up after the final buzzer, when all you’re trying to do is get out of the stadium quickly.

Whether you’re a devoted fan ordering one for yourself or are looking for the perfect fan engagement item for your venue, we invite you to give Seat Suite a try and experience fandom, upgraded.